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Patients often wonder what it is about us that makes us so special. We can’t wait to tell you all of the reasons why you should choose our company when you need hearing care.

Beltone Tristate isn’t just a fly-by-night company with inexperienced staff. No, we have been providing hearing care for more than 79 years. We have made a huge difference in the lives of millions of people who are dealing with various degrees of hearing loss. At Beltone, our staff is completely dedicated to providing the best hearing care in the country. We will make sure that your hearing aid or aids have the best sound quality possible. We also offer dedicated service and care from our reliable, professional staff.

You’ll quickly discover the difference we offer when you choose Beltone for your hearing aid needs. We will begin by checking to make sure that what you are experiencing is actually hearing loss. Surprisingly, many of our customers believe that they have hearing loss when they are actually dealing with another issue. If it is hearing loss, we can show you the smallest yet most advanced hearing aids you have ever seen. We have them available in our office for you to try that very day. We know that you will want to get the issue taken care of as quickly as possible.

When you become a Beltone patient, you will see just how caring and compassionate our staff is. All of our patients leave happy and satisfied. We also provide comprehensive aftercare- you won’t stop being a customer just because you have your hearing aids! We are there for you from beginning to end. When you choose Beltone, you are choosing a lifetime of 100% individualized attention. We will always take care of you and all of your hearing instruments. We even offer hearing aid repair and home visits for your convenience.

Are you ready for a state-of-the-art evaluation for your hearing? Call us at (888) 685-0975 for a completely free screening. When you come to Beltone Tristate, you will see what it is about us that makes us so popular. You’ll love your hearing when we are done with you!

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