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Hearing Loss and Health Issues

Health Issues & Untreated Hearing Loss

Mar 07, 2019 | christina | Hearing Loss

Unattended Hearing Loss Is A Health Problem

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Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center | Late-Life Depression

Hearing Loss in Seniors Can Lead to Late-Life Depression

Feb 20, 2019 | christina | Hearing Loss

Did you know that hearing loss could greatly affect your quality of life? It is a little known fact that a loss of hearing in seniors can lead to depressive symptoms and or late-life depression. The more severe your loss of hearing, the more likely you are to experience depressive symptoms.

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Hearing Loss Put A Damper On Valentine's Day

Don't Let Hearing Loss Put A Damper On Valentine's Day

Feb 07, 2019 | christina | Hearing Loss

Some people downplay Valentine's Day as unimportant or trivial but Valentine’s day is a way to celebrate your loved one. But if you suffer from hearing loss, you may feel insecure about spending the evening out with your loved one.

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Beltone Tristate | The Facts on Deafness

The Facts on Deafness

Jan 23, 2019 | christina | Hearing Loss

More and more people suffer on a yearly basis from the effects of deafness. Roughly 48 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss. This equates to around 12 percent of the population.

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