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Hearing Loss Information

Longer Lasting Hearing Aid

10 Tips To A Longer Lasting Hearing Aid

May 23, 2019 | Anonymous | Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can result in a significantly improved quality of life for individuals that utilize them. However, proper upkeep of these devices are critical to ensuring they last and continue to operate as needed.

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Ear Anatomy

Ear Anatomy and Hearing Loss

May 02, 2019 | Anonymous | Hearing Loss

The ear anatomy consists of three parts: outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. Hearing loss can affect your ears and how we communicate.

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Hearing At Home

Protect Your Hearing At Home

Apr 14, 2019 | Anonymous | Hearing Loss

As with other aspects of your health, protecting your hearing from noise induced hearing loss is imperative. You may have safety protocols implemented in your work environment that protect your eardrums from being damaged.

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Itchy Ears

Itchy Ears? Here Are Some Remedies

Apr 04, 2019 | Anonymous | Hearing Health

It used to be said that if you had burning or itchy ears, it meant someone was talking about you. These days modern medicine is a lot clearer about the causes and remedies of itchy, burning ears.

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