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Why Beltone Hearing Aids?

Hearing Care by Beltone

Since 1940, Beltone has been your premier hearing care partner. We are devoted to bringing you the latest in hearing aid technologyto help enhance your active lifestyle. We care about your hearing health and want to provide you with a lifetime of support andhappiness.


Hearing Care

Personalized Care

Beltone takes an approach to hearing care that no other company can match. It’s based on connecting with you as a person—and understanding what you enjoy in life and what’s important in a healthcare partner. Every hearing care solution we offer is tailored to a patient’s individual needs. We strongly believe that every person living with hearing loss should have access to the right hearing solution at an affordable price.

Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

Beltone is supported by a nationwide hearing care network of over 1500 locations, and regularly receives patient satisfaction ratings in the 95th percentile for products and service. You can rest assured that our people and our products are of the highest quality. Plus, Beltone hearing solutions come backed by BelCare—the most comprehensive free aftercare program in the industry. At Beltone you always get more. More care, more benefits and more guarantees.

Experience the Beltone difference. Call 888-685-0975 for your free baseline hearing screening and know where your hearing health stands. You’ll be glad you did.