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Beltone Tristate | What Hearing Can Cost Seniors

What Hearing Can Cost Seniors?

Hearing loss is common in the elderly population. Hearing impairment that’s left untreated can be very dangerous to the person that’s going through the complications and also costly for health systems. Let’s take a look at the risks and treatments for hearing loss that’s not treated.

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Untreated Hearing Care is Costly

According to the Johns Hopkins Research Center, there are more than 77,000 patients in the United States living with untreated hearing loss. Often, individuals who suffer from hearing loss are overwhelmed by the cost of hearing tests, hearing aids, and equipment.

Beltone Tristate Hearing Loss

Misconceptions About Hearing Loss

Though there are millions of people in the United States who suffer from hearing loss, misconceptions abound about what hearing loss is and how to treat it. At Beltone Tristate, we don’t just want to treat our patients - we want to educate them on how they can preserve their hearing.